For a long time, food stamps have provided low income households with steady food supply to ensure that they do not go hungry even when they lack resources to buy food. Nonetheless, there have been continuous debates as to whether or not the food stamps provide a reliable solution. While some citizens believe it helps out the poor, others feel that is it just an underserved handout.

The fact that eligibility requirements have weakened is a major contributor to the growth of the numbers receiving the stamps, but the current house bill can lead to a great reduction on those figures. This may be a good thing on the one end, seeing as people will have to cater for their own food, but then again it may affect other sectors because grocers and other businesses in the food industry will have less people making purchases.

Do Food Stamps Provide A Reliable Way Out?

It is evident that there are people in country who cannot really afford to buy their food, and the stamps provide them with some aid when they genuinely have nowhere to turn to. In this regard, it is insensible to be judgmental on people receiving this kind of aid, despite the fact that there are these who receive them unjustly. Nonetheless, the good thing about the stamps is that they are controlled, so people cannot use them in doing things such as gambling or buying alcohol and cigarettes.

What the Government Should Do

The government needs to employ stringent measures to ensure that only the truly needy persons receive the stamps. The number of people who have been taking loans has immensely risen over the years due to the fragile economy which has led to an increase among the low wage earners. But the government can take control of the situation because the problem is in actual sense a result of poor policies which have consequently contributed to a rise in poverty. A change in policies may very well help alleviate the situation so that there are not as many people who will be constantly and completely dependent on the government for their nutritional needs.

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